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Forty Days of Faith

  • This is Forty Days of Faith, Pastor Dion's first book. This is a forty day devotional based on true stories from Pastor Dion's life and will show you real examples of how God still works in our life today.

    This daily devotional for the working class was written by one of your peers. Dion Todd is a "blue-collar pastor" who has overcome horrendous obstacles through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This book will inspire, encourage, and give you the hope to be strong one more day through a scripture and an accompanying short story. The stories contained here are based on true events from his life. In them, you will find hope, encouragement and strength. These devotionals will show you that you are not alone in this journey. God is faithful and He will always come through.


    You can buy it on Amazon, the Kindle / eBook version is $4.99 or the Paperback for $9.99:

    If you want a signed copy, then use the contact form and we will work something out.