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being perfect

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    December 20, 2015 3:42 AM EST
    I have a question that won't really go away...but im not sure how to word it...but here goes...i hope somebody can understand an answer it for,
    I know we are made in the likeness of jesus... an he would really like us to be prefect an blamless like him...BUT...we are humans with free although we gave our lives to jesus...we still slip up an do stupid things...some knowingly, some are innocent question is...are we still goin to get to go to heaven even though we are not totally prefect ?
    I hope i ask this in a way that sonebody understands an answers
    Thanx :-)
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    December 20, 2015 9:51 AM EST

    If we had to be perfect to enter heaven, heaven would be an empty place! Jesus's sacrifice on the cross with his shed blood made us perfect in His sight. It forgives all our imperfections, past and future. Of course we still have to keep trying to live according to His teachings and not purposefully sin, but we will at times. We acknowledge this and ask God for forgiveness, and keep trying :) This is my belief and it is Scriptural.

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    December 27, 2015 9:05 AM EST

    I do or say something dumb everyday, I am so grateful to have a Savior that stands in the gap for me! Nobody can ever be perfect! No not ever, the key is to forgive oursleves and try to do better, until the next oops occur, which in surely coming.......