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Recommended Book

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    February 3, 2016 9:14 AM EST

    Hi Friends,

    I just finished a book that I wanted to share.  It came as a series of 3 near-death experiences.  The first book I completed is called Heaven Is A Breath Away: An unexpected journey to Heaven and Back by Valerie Paters.  A synopsis of the book:

    Heaven Is a Breath Away is a thrilling firsthand account of the home that awaits Christians when they draw their last breath here on earth. With open arms, Christ welcomes to heaven those who belong to Him. Rarely has this vision been told in such exquisite detail. It will undoubtedly comfort those who have lost loved ones or are near death themselves. Heaven Is a Breath Away

    gives hope and encourages faith by sharing the heaven Jesus promised-a real place, magnificent in scope and beauty, permeated with iridescence, and alive with divine energy and love.


    Now I am reading Heaven Is Beautiful.  If you like to read, maybe you'll find this spiritually profound.  I think it shows how Jesus can heal us of any adversity, even being close to death.  He leaves Valerie with his messages to share with others.

    Linda Porter

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    February 25, 2016 3:30 PM EST

    I have not read those, Linda, but they sound lovely :). Thank you so much for sharing!