Introduction: Financial Readiness


Being prepared—secure, confident, and ready—is critical to our Armed Forces calling. Trust in God, the One who “shows us where to go, giving us a full, expansive life” (Isaiah 58:11), is the “heart” of our preparation.


This instructive booklet, Financial Readiness—Sound Principles for Successful Money Management, addresses an important aspect of preparedness. When our “financial house” is in chaos, most other areas of life soon follow. Concentration on the mission at hand suffers. Poor money habits (excessive indebtedness, pawn shop loans, late checking fees, over-the-limit charges on our credit cards, impulse buying), can make us hesitant and unsure.


Financial strains of deployments, unforeseen emergencies and “over-the-top” phone bills can burden even the most purposeful among us. Guidance from wise and trusted mentors is what we need. This Financial Readiness booklet provides such insight. A recent all-star Presidential commission recommended that the Department of Defense “promote Service members’ financial literacy” through training and education (Final Report of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission, 29 January 2015, page 3).


Financial Readiness helps fulfill this mandate. Setting goals, forming budgets, understanding credit, and investing for the future are treated in clear, understandable terms. Use this booklet to improve your readiness. Visualize a secure financial future. Recognize snags you’re especially liable to. Discipline your spending, saving and investing habits. Be accountable to trusted family members and advisors. And, increase your partnership with our Creator, realizing when you “put God in charge... then what you’ve planned will take place” (Proverbs 16:3).


— Kenneth L. Sampson
Chaplain (Colonel) US Army (ret.)
Guideposts Outreach Military Liaison


Written by: Wells Fargo, Hands on Banking


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