RHM Member Authors

Here are is the list of our RHM member authors! You can click on the "author website" link after each description for more about them and purchase their books.


Deborah Alexander: I have always had and still do have the Love of creating in my spirit. I love to Read, Write, Crochet, Coordinate, & Create. But of all of these writing to create a story to tell and share is the ultimate #1 gift that God has blessed me with in spite of being Legally blind. I love the Lord, have 2 grown children,and I am a retired CNA & Activities Coordinator. About 1st Book: "THE DIFFERENCE": Delynn could not see her way out of her darkness. Until one day she discovered something so special that made "The Difference", moving her out of her darkness into the light. (author website)
Sandra Colby: Sandra is one of our most active and caring members here at RHM, always available to encourage those in need! She is the author of two children's books available at Amazon. (author website)
  Wesley Cox: Wesley grew up, being taught by his dad, the trade of carpentry. He then became a respiratory therapist and a registered nurse and uses those skills serving the church in Honduras and Guatemala. One of his deepest passions is history. The Christian and the Lion trilogy is based off of the histories of Tacitus, Cassius Dio, and other ancient historians. The second and third installments will be published in 2018. (author website)
Jim Jarrell: I am a little different. My first book "God Calls an Unlikely Candidate" was written as a documentation of the things God was doing in my life. There are chapters that describe my life from childhood all the way to 2008. When God really started moving in my life, the things that were happening where happening very fast and went against most of the teaching of my youth. I grew up in a Southern Baptist home, and I was taught that the gifts of the Holy Spirit had left as the Apostles died. Boy did I find out that was wrong, in 2006 I recieved the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Now that came as quite a suprise to someone like me because I had been taught speaking in other tongues was evil. I now know that is not true. That led to my reading the Bible to see what else was in there that they had taught me that might help us on our walk in life. After 10 years of studying the Bible, my second book came along called; "Where is the Church". This book shows what church could be like if we would allow God to be in charge. They are both available on Amazon.com listed under my name; Jim Jarrell. I stand behind both of these books, and I am still searching for the church according to Scripture.  (author website)
Carol Pady: I am a fantasy fiction writer and author of a trilogy, (The Lands of Nod) and a novel, (The Tales of the Wimpet King). I have also written a Christian inspirational book, Drinking His Living Water. My objective is to write books that are entertaining to all ages that portray human values and inspirations. Ten percent of all profits will be donated to my favorite Christian charities. These ministries involve reaching out to remote regions of the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (author website)
Ticardo Williams: Ticardo LaWayne Williams is a United States Air Force veteran. He currently resides in Cleveland, OH where he is a Chemical Dependency Counselor who has a little over five years of clean and free of his own addiction to substances. Since being delivered, Ticardo has earned his Bachelors of Social Work degree and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Social Work at Cleveland State University. He attends The Church, Church of God in Christ (Pastor, Kennedy G. Lockhart) where he teaches the men's Sunday school as well as the adult Young People Willing Workers (YPWW) class on Sunday evenings. Ticardo is a man who is seeking...to know God better, to love Him more and to trust Him completely. (author website)
Dianna Wyles: I am a Christian writer with a passion for photography and author of my first children’s book “Heart Blessings: a Children’s Seek and Find”. My intent is to create something that is simple and childlike in format yet ageless in content and inspiration :). I have two more children’s book projects in the process and two adult inspirational books in the works as well. I am a nature nut and a naturalist who enjoys spending as much time in the great outdoors as possible. It is my desire to inspire a positive attitude, a gratefulness for life , and to introduce God's beauty, wonder and unconditional love to a world that has yet to meet our awesome creator, as well as touch the hearts of those who already call him Father. A percentage of any profits from this site will be donated to Refreshing Hope Ministries. (author website)