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How do I collect points?

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by Lissy Verghese in General Questions about March 26, 2021 closed - report

Tower of Babel

Why did God confuse the language of the people at the Tower of Babel?

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    by Dion Todd about April 1, 2021 Best answer

    I believe a key is that the founder of Babel was Nimrod, whose name means, “We shall rebel.” Just as in the Garden of Eden, the tower became a way for people to obtain power by bypassing God. And just as Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden, the inhabitants were thrown out of Babel.

    R. Kent Hughes wrote: The intent behind building “a tower with its top in the heavens” was to join or displace God. The ziggurat was a lofty, massive, solid brick structure—multi-staged (like giant porch steps) up to heaven.

    They planned to stack bricks up to heaven, to go to heaven without the help of God. If left unchecked, the entire population would begin to view this ziggurat as the way to heaven, the gate of God. The Earth’s population had recently been wiped out by the flood and already, they were returning to the past. Rather than destroy them, the Lord dispersed them. He scattered them and confused their language to protect future generations.

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    by Sylvia Todd about April 1, 2021

    Good answer, Marilyn :)! Lissy, perhaps a way to look at the tower of Babel is that it is a picture of pride and trying to reach God through their own means, their own strength. There is One Way to Him, and building our own tower is not it :).

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    by Marilyn Salter about March 27, 2021

    Genesis 11:6-8


    I believe the Lord did this because the people lol spoke the same language and tried to build a tower to Heaven to be as God. When the Lord saw it, He confounded them and the building of the tower ceased. I think it was to show man that he was not God and could not be God.

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