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by Chris Haynes in General Questions about April 17, 2021 open - report


I have been watching the series called The Days Of Noah. 4 parts. Without going into major detail the series seems to indicate all Christians are being deceived because we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday verse Saturday as God had commanded. What is your thoughts on this?
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    by Liesel aka Lisa Wardle about June 1, 2021

    I totally agree with you, Pastor! I'd like to add that Sunday, being the 1st day of the week should if all possible be the day since our Lord rose on the Third Day! However, in my case, since I believe that the Lord directed me to take care of 2 elderly ladies, out of which, there is one that has severe health problems, who used to go to church on Sunday, but can no longer do so, being confined to a wheel chair and bed! When I'm with her I'd pray with he, play Christian music and hymns, and the other lady, who has several health issues but also severe neuropathy, she used to play piano for her church on Sunday, I usually bring my hymn books, plus she still has her own, and have her play piano (which is really good for her fingers) while I sing with her! Both are very grateful, and I hope and pray that this draws them closer to the Lord! It has become a labor of Love for me due to my own health problems, including to still taking care of my husband, and helping our daughter who also has health issues! I believe that the Lord directs our steps and puts us where He wants us to be as long as we remember that we also need a day of rest!

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    by Dion Todd about April 18, 2021

    Hi Chris! This is the Seventh-Day Adventist domination point of view. In short, yep, the Sabbath day undoubtedly begins on Friday afternoon and lasts until Saturday afternoon. Yet, the Apostle Paul and the disciples had communion on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7).


    The Jews celebrate the Sabbath from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, and I think that if you could do that, you would certainly be blessed, but the point of the Sabbath is 24 hours of rest. Many churches call Sunday their Sabbath, but I will be honest with you, that pastor behind the pulpit is not resting. So hopefully he is observing it on another day. Our day of rest is on Monday at the moment.


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