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by Chris Haynes in General Questions about Apr 17 open - report


I have been watching the series called The Days Of Noah. 4 parts. Without going into major detail the series seems to indicate all Christians are being deceived because we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday verse Saturday as God had commanded. What is your thoughts on this?
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    by Dion Todd about Apr 18

    Hi Chris! This is the Seventh-Day Adventist domination point of view. In short, yep, the Sabbath day undoubtedly begins on Friday afternoon and lasts until Saturday afternoon. Yet, the Apostle Paul and the disciples had communion on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7).


    The Jews celebrate the Sabbath from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, and I think that if you could do that, you would certainly be blessed, but the point of the Sabbath is 24 hours of rest. Many churches call Sunday their Sabbath, but I will be honest with you, that pastor behind the pulpit is not resting. So hopefully he is observing it on another day. Our day of rest is on Monday at the moment.


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