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How do I collect points?

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by Dion Todd in Website Questions about April 7, 2016 closed - report

Why am I not getting your devotional anymore?

I used to get the devotional every day in my email but now I am not? 

I used to see the devotional on facebook but now I don't?

What is wrong?

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    by Dion Todd about April 7, 2016 Best answer

    Spreading the word of God with our daily devotional around the world has become a complex process, but here is how it currently works:


    3 AM US Eastern Time (GMT -5) the devotional is posted on my blog at Refreshing Hope: and you can read it immediately.


    3:30 AM it is mailed out to all of our email subscribers. It is a large list and takes a few hours to complete. Sometimes it may go into your junk or spam folder, so please look there if you do not see it. Sometimes if you forward it to someone else, they may click “unsubscribe” and remove you. You can always sign back up here:


    After this, the devotional is posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Everything links back to the blog at RHM so there is one consistent copy. If we need to quickly fix a typo, there is only one blog post to edit. It keeps things simple. Also sites like Facebook own everything that is posted there, and show it to whoever they decide to - if they show it all. You may have 5,000 followers but they will show it to 500 of them unless you pay them. I see no reason to give them the content that we work hard to create, but you can read it for free here at RHM.


    Remember that you can always read the devotional here at RHM by clicking on the “Devotional” link on the menu. It has the last year of my writing. Sometimes things break and we don’t notice it for a while. If something is wrong, please take the time to let us know so that we can fix it.


    Thank you for reading.

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