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How do I collect points?

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by Tyler Velau in General Questions about March 3, 2018 open - report

The Search

What is it that you're supposed to do when you close your eyes and search long and deep within yourself to find the Lord but end up finding only confusion and uncertainty? Do you keep looking? Or do you move on to something else?

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    by Sylvia Todd about March 4, 2018

    What Dion said :) Also though, one thing to consider is that that Pharisees did not recognize Jesus because He appeared in a way that did not fit their pre-conceived notions. It may (in fact, very likely) also require a step of faith, because the invitation is already there. It's just like the invisible bridge you mentioned; it's already there, but you may have to choose to step on it before you see any more :). No worries though, because the bridge would have still been there even if Indy had decided to think about it for 40 seconds, of 40 hours :)

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    by Dion Todd about March 4, 2018

    As He told me once: "You don't need all of the things to fit. Just allow your purpose and Mine to knit."  Chances are you are overthinking, and not recognizing His presence. It is often so natural that we miss it. I call it "Super Natural" 


    In one word: Relax.   :)

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